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2016 Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention

Thanks for a wonderful festival.  Best yet!  See you next Labor Day weekend.  

2016 Winners


  1. Danny Wicker
  2. Kathleen Burnett
  3. Emma Harwell


  1. Christine Olsen
  2. Art Lang
  3. Michael Poole


  1. Jonah Horton
  2. Caleb Coatney
  3. William Roberts

Old Time Banjo

  1. Caleb Coatney
  2. Henry Coatney
  3. Jared Boyd
Flatfoot Dance

  1. Dane Summers
  2. Cade Vissge
  3. Anneli Burnett

Old Time Fiddle

  1. Jacob Bowen
  2. Willow Dillon
  3. Cecil Gurganus


  1. Presley Barker
  2. Danny Wicker
  3. Daniel Thrailkill

Bluegrass Fiddle

  1. Ruth Shumway
  2. Jacob Bowen
  3. Jacob Turnbill
Bluegrass Banjo

  1. Sawyer Whitman
  2. Alex Edwards
  3. David Bruce

Twin Fiddles

  1. Kathleen & Anissa Burnett
  2. Willow Dillon & Cecil Gurganus
  3. Tori Jones & Madison Elmore

Old Time Bands

  1. Strictly Strings
  2. Zephr Lighting Bolts
  3. Five Points Rounders
  4. Tater Hill Mashers
  5. High Ridge Pickers

Bluegrass Bands

  1. Trail Blazers
  2. Double Duty
  3. Forty West
  4. Appalachian Tradition
  5. Blue Moon Bluegrass

Meet old friends, make new ones, and enjoy the traditional music of North Carolina among the hills and hollows as it used to be, and still is!

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Labor Day Weekend 2017


3590 NC-268, Lenoir, NC 28645